Taconati Manifeasto

We believe in the glory and greatness of Taco. We can learn a great deal from such a glorious creation. Many ingredients come together to create the perfect edible vessel. Whether hard or soft, one will never know tastelessness with Taco around.

We want to share the good word of our savory lord Taco with everyone. Through our pamphlets, videos, and social media, we will proselytize our love of Tacos. One can become a better person by simply eating and sharing tacos. The all seeing Taco has power to be harnessed for a greater good.

While Tacos can brighten up any day of the week, Tuesdays will always remain most important day of devotion. Tacos made on Tuesday are guaranteed to taste better. You can unite with your taco brethren in a mass consumption.


May the Bravo of your Taco be Macho,

Al Pastor