We are a small underground group banded together to share their love of tacos. All hail the taco! We are everywhere in the world. Tacos know no boundaries or limits. Once you have seen the almighty power of the taco, you will be on the righteous path towards enlightenment and possibly a full stomach.

Taconati memberships are available for $10 and include one custom membership card and two vinyl stickers. Click here to purchase your membership.   Membership does provide you with eternal validation. Nothing more, nothing less. We will not sell or use your information in any other way than celebrating the taco. 

Future plans include mini publications, patches, and more stickers. And maybe a little world domination between meals. Need more answers, take a look at our Manifeasto. It may offer a few.

Tacomonials are about you and your love of tacos. We want to hear your stories about how tacos changed your life. Email your stories and pictures to taconati.org@gmail.com. Viva la Taco!

In Taco We Trust”
— Al Pastor

Donations are greatly appreciated and aid us in educating the world about the goodness of tacos. Every dollar donated goes towards more tacos and taco related materials. One dollar can make the difference.